Wonders Shall Never Ends-I saw Animals Men surating.

|God is a perfect master by considering all the miraculous wonders he perform in this world-This story will astonished you as it did to me.  My grandfather was a hunter in his life time, during his hunting journey one day, he brought a live rabbit for spiritual preparation and kept  the animal for three months. I always visited this rabbit on daily basis to learn some new things about  the behavior of bush animals. One day I saw blood coming out of the anus of the rabbit which I called the attention of my grandpa to and he told me that, that is her menstrual period. I took note of that day and revisited the rabbit the same day of the second and third months and the same thing happened. During all this three months, blood came out of the animals anus for three days each. Which convinced me that the menstrual period of rabbit is three days?

Also, my grandpa hunting job made know that all monkeys have no neck. You can check on one to verify my observation.

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