Why is too much Poverty in Nigeria?Is there a way out for the common People?

Poor people in Nigeria are those  that can not afford three square meals in a day,who lack the social amenities like safe water supply  and regular electricity.They can not send their children to school.They lack access to good health and housing.e.t.c.Nigeria is today rank the number two  after Saudi Arabia in global crude oil supply,But,out of about 160 millions of the population  it’s only just about 20% that can boast of living a well balanced life.while the rest 80%  are living a meagreness life .Even, the so called civil servants are also crying.Imagine,Nigeria being regarded as a rich country yet unable to pay  a minimum wage of $120 per month to the workers’.If one visit anywhere in Nigeria,one will be surprised with bad roads,severe child malnutrition and ill health.And Nigeria is rich!Where are we going?Is there a way out for the common people in Nigeria?The only solution to alleviate the people suffering is for our elected leaders into various posts to have the fear of God in all their doings to reduce those bogus salary being earmarked for themselves so as to leave  a good legacy for themselves,because this is far better than the Nonentity enjoyment they are having today.

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